Sunday, May 22, 2016

The web

The interweb that joins us somehow in a space that cannot be seen and brings all sorts of things to reality we've never pondered on before.
I am in it and you are in it and never the two shall even meet with one another in meat suits.

I read this thing that said to fall in love with someone who can laugh their ass off with you because at 80 with a bad hip and no more sex, that is all that is left.
Hormones rule, they do leave and invisible trail. It is what attracts to you and holds people and things. We should make them last and make them  sultry and make them unforgettable and make them hardy and make them so beautiful as to always attract what is best for you! Now go and fuk like you want to and do not feel the need to proclaim it.:)
I know I will laugh my ass of when I am 80 if I live until then. I might not but I never ponder in the death zone anyhow as my moments are all precious right now and I must always be on guard from hateful fearful twats  and my own bad thoughts! These enemies will never be too close to my awesome "web" of friends and family..
Together, we are here in this together, why make rules about what god wants?? Have no fear and do the right thing always. You are already in the god zone by just, it is all the god zone.
"yea" :):):)

Today is the first day of spring for me. It is comfortable in the morning enough that my plants do not need covering tonight. I will still cover them. The chill in the morning air might be hard on them. :)
I planted so many different chillies and heirloom tomatoes that  salads are gonna be delicious and fresh for months!
"yea" again!

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