Wednesday, May 18, 2016

oye scorpio don't ,get mad because I said Hilary and notes on fear the walking dead

I realized I may have dented a few scorpionic feelings with my Hilary remark. Look, it is a blog, If you take everything I say at face value, you must not. Astrology is not a science and mystic things only take you so far like in that  last episode of fear the walking dead..where it seems like they are making a story about some mystic mexican witch who can do things.
What an insult there! Yea every powerful witch woman is a dumb ass like that? Why? Can't they make one witch be amazing and loving? (oh yea, meeeee))
Also I will not apologize like a politician every time I open my mouth..relax, I have scorpio too and I love me just fine, so you can't be all bad. Besides according to new astrology you might be Libra! Nooooo, I do not want to be a Virgo but I do notice my Virgoan ways! I am everything!

Why are all witches on tv evil stupid whores with powers?
You can conjure up anything and you want to rule the world by following some mystic myths that have nothing to do with what is going on? I guess any storyline will do. Evil witch it is!
Borring! FTWD
If you had real actual powers to make actual magic happen like materialize a new bone or grow an arm or fix peoples cancer..would you really do magic at that point to scheme during a major outbreak where everyone is dying so you kill the rest of the living so you  can all go to the rotting dimension?
I hate it sort of. I want to like it. It is just that how many adversities during an apocalypse can you do a story about? Devil and God doing their mystic thang!!!
The characters are so blaze and can't be Rick and Crew, Not ever! Even Rick and Crew can to all that forever! It is already kind of lack luster for me..shhh, I will watch as soon as it comes back, don't worry.
I have watched all the zombie stuff and read many stories about outbreaks and is fun. In real life zombies would not want to eat flesh, they just would  die in a  horrid way in real life like, Ebola or any bad flu like thing emerging out of the jungle because of global it real is it not real? Hey, stop arguing and let's figure it out. It seems real to many researchers and still you have fighting! I would say that it is real enough for us to take notice that we are jerks hurting the dirt that  grows our food! Yea, all of us spraying lawns! Common! I digress!
I even tried to watch some natzi zombie thing, I tried, it was so bad I could not.
Right now I am on a book called, "apocalypse crusade" :)) The premise being that a cancer drug creates an epidemic!  ha haa :) what? No game of thrones? No, boring! To me okay, don't get mad at me for your show!

Witches and Priests
When you look at mysticism and how it works it all comes down to control of the brain through repetition and religion as you know carries it further by making you take oaths that eventually get justified or else to become true.
Ahh humanity!
So, if I did hurt your feelings about Hilary it is kind of good in a way because that means you come here and read me:)))
It is crazy that stuff,  and I wish her all the best. Do you think I actually care if she is president? I will continue to do my best daily and have no far as scorpio goes..look, we all have secrets..that is what keeps our power close by. Also, because the inner mind is a force too.

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