Thursday, May 19, 2016

if you are still spraying round up look

It is about details and I will be excited when Monsanto is dissolved and real earth is taken back to herself  be taken care of not poisoned by cancer!

There loads of article about the evils of Monsanto but no one would pay too much attention because they were under the impression that it must be all pot smoking hippies making claims about round up and cancer and global warming..
(claims made by alcoholic junkies I might add)

Now here it is..famers are getting sick from the chemicals and they are finally doing something.
It is a good thing to get mad when there is wrong doing. It does not mean we are all unhappy but we are all responsible for that happiness.

We are all connected through an invisible web where dark matter is very much a part.
We are together here.

Happiness as you know is very much a choice and depends on who you surround yourself with. Monsanto is a death star, yo!
It is also the number one chemical sold in Pakistan.
True Green
The fuks send me mail all the time! Linked to cancer! Oh yes and sterility!
Should I go on?
Are you the guy that says I caved and had to spray because of my neighborhood watch.
They are still in the dark ages your community, you pay dues to live a clean and healthy life and not some show on your lawn carpet? Yea?
You have babies for goodness sakes..your babies and then you HAD to!

Please stay away from my organic grass that has healthy weeds which if I want to I can eat.
I eat the dandelions, talk about a liver cleanse!

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