Thursday, May 26, 2016


So many that it is a lost cause. Humans will evolve as a completely different species in a thousand years with our DNA being so tampered with.
All I am saying is this, "please do not mistake the science from reality!"

The science is sound, it can feed many people.
There is nothing wrong with the science and.."
After that I can't hear anymore.
I can't!

You think it is feeding a whole lot of people..oh it is..they are many who are still starving too. We hate them more, they are called,  Syrians, Africans and Mexicans....starving people my ass!

Wash all your food!

All the seeds are made to be Round Up resistant and then...when they plant them, they spray round up to kill everything else.
Weed killer is an antibiotic and that is how it kills everything else.
That is our dirt we are pouring in to our food and that is GMO.
The science is just a means to an end and that is to sell more Round Up all over the world, which by the way has been killing the sales and by big margins every year! That is Monsanto, clear and simple!

Maybe not for you? I am just over reacting like the hippie witch you think I am?
I am not, because it is something really profound I have come across in my mind throughout all my studies.
The glimpses  of what we are are in the dirt. It is exactly what we, humans are made of.  (yes, the sages had a glimpse of that even in the "beginning")The dirt and the tree have the same components in them as us...we cannot keep putting poison in our seeds and then calling it good just because of the "science".
Please listen..

So..they do something to the seeds (that is the science part)  so that it fights round up which is. glyphosate, which kills bees and birds,  which is an antibiotic and which is poured in the the dirt and then your food grows with that and you get to eat traces of glyphosate each time you take a bite of a papaya or tomato..traces like 1 part per adds up. There is always a return. this is clearly the wrong way to govern a planet and nurture our kind! I say!! (said in a British sort of pompous way:)))
Antibiotics you say?
They are rated by how deadly they are and how hard they can kill your bad bugs inside you. 90% is bugs and not you!
They ruin you inside and it all connects to the already know not to take too much antibiotic because it strips you of everything else that is good just like the dirt your food grows in.
How do you take the evidence for granted just to support a science that is only encased in this killer beast of a burden as if we are all a bunch of chemical zombies going about our lives as if a zombie..

I got to listen to this guy yesterday and really liked his amazing talk on health. I loved it!
It made me think about all of the things that I find precious and what I want for myself and it is not Round Up!
GMO is a failure of civilization! Here come the fungus and mold to take over! Zombies!!!

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