Thursday, May 19, 2016

Palo Santo and other thangs

I added a palo santo dragon's blood thing to my menu and I I will add a ginger lily jasmine too.
I have been thinking about ginger lily a lot. It is for a sweet girl in the north west who loves real things and oils and such.
I am really surrounded by an invisible web of awesome people.

Here goes with my idea..I will infuse dragon's blood for 6 days in a hot water bath and jojoba, I will strain with clean never been used cheese cloth and I will then add my other helpers to this dragon.
Palo santo

It will linger and be quite divine! I want it to liner as a meditative tool and still be good for my skin.

It is on the menu now!

Ginger Lily and Jasmine
Organic jojoba
white ginger lily
jasmine grand
a drop ylang ylang extra
one drop vanilla

Have a good one:)

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