Friday, May 13, 2016

49 cardigans

You know my friend Agneshka, right? If you don't, it is okay. She loves shopping and buying nice things. She sent me so many nice cardigans and tops and tee shirts and tank tops..She must wear something one time and then put it away because I am one lucky rich girl right now!

Taurus lady, is there anything you can't do. Is there more grace and poise coming from you? I am struck by that because I always feel like you have given everything there can be and it is so good...I love  you my little Taurus girl, I do!

I have so many nice pieces of clothing as she has very boho chic ways! :)
The wool sweaters, not much for me..I will likely give  them to someone who can tolerate the woolies..I have a thing with tags on my neck too! I will rip those out if it gets bad like during the day and the tag is scratching like a bitch on me!
ha ha haaa

It is a gorgeous sunny day here in Southern Michigan. I must go out there and dig some more. I have to make the lines straight this year because my mom said every thing was crooked last year. I am trying okay! Did I show you so far? I am on the instagram..eleneetha..I always show the photos there.
Join me if you want to!

We will talk soon about the musk oil business..

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