Thursday, May 12, 2016

frikin me

I am such a fucking geek!
If you go to my etsy  or have gone and found that shipping fees are ridiculous, it is not because I am greedy and want to take more money from you, it is because I overlooked a detail in my shipping profiles. It said optional so I left it alone and that made each item added the same price as the shipping. It adds up if you buy more than one thing.
I am so sorry and if you hadn't noticed, please disregard this note. If so, and you had qualms, please scold me and tell me my mistakes. I am willing to always change even if it hurts and in this case, it does not.

eleneetha aromatics

That said, I will continue with me and my frikin geek ways.
You know I work for a pretty awesome grocery store and sometimes I get to work with a manager who does not realize how awesome I am and may attempt to treat me in an ordinary or common way.
The first or second time! The second time hurt my feelings but do not worry, I have gathered my witch wits and squashed it to where that person cannot touch me ever, not sexually, but with rudeness and common tyrannical means. Yuk!
You know, I have not just fallen off of the turnip truck. I have worked with some wretched people who were raised badly by bad dumb parents. Drugs, parties, bad foods, right wing pretenders of killing while watching telly and secretly doing bad things to where they take it out on others because that is the only way they respond to their dirty hate filled lives..what do I know about their pain?
 I want to get up in the morning and work and do a great job and be awesome! Why would I cheat myself?
I am not the social police by any means but, a Libran I am, and we don't abide unfair ungraceful behavior. I can spot a jerk a mile away..I know the side eye, the smile behind the hate, the fear when they look at me in the eyes, the underestimating gaul of a wimpy uneducated oaf, the sexual attraction of my unique mind..I have seen and experienced all of these events throughout my life.

I love the way my life has gone so far.  How about you?
One big reason my life is so good is that I have really high thinkers in my inner circle. I have supportive and very smart beautiful lovies all over the place. It is enough to make anyone super ecstatic..
I meet so, many sad sad lonely souls who fine some sort of reprieve in my company. That is good and can be draining. I have learned to be sterner..more stern about how much time I am willing to devote to xeni. You know, anyone who you just met that won't leave you alone to work? They think they know you and want to hang out and go places. I always say, " no" :)
I want to come home and mix oils and restaurants and night clubs are time taken away from that sacred art of oils and me..


There is a storm headed over right now so I will bid you a wonderful day and please accept my, "I'm sorry" about etsy!

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