Saturday, May 7, 2016

This time is the best time

I have been looking back on my life and all my stuff and thangs that I've done and I must say this is the best one. There have been events that make me cringe at my stupidity and naivete, which I still have, by the way.
There is not a bigger geek.
I do not know things in modern is hard keeping up.
I wonder if it is because we are lazy for details when we grow old? I do not know.
It is too much and I am happy in my garden doing what comes without my consent or thought on how. It happens and earth spins, we grow, plants grow and everything breathes.

 Everything breathes! The Earth breathes. There are natural systems in place which happen so that she can prosper and breathe. Do we ever think on that? No enough!
I love her as my mother!
the earth is our mother

Yes, it is Saturday and the day before Mother's Day. I like Mother's Day.  I like this one very much!
I am having a little cookout for my family. I think mom and dad will come and eat with us too. And, I, have a rare Sunday off. Wow! Amazing!
Usually Papou is only about Yia Yia's food and no one else can compare. He loves baguettes as much as me and there will be baguettes and good salad. I am not worried about him.
They are so weird my parents.
Welcome, everyone!

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