Sunday, May 1, 2016

about to make some butter for someone

She came up to me close and said she wants cream and soap, the lemon set. I saved one back for somebody when I took it down from the menu. I thought,  "someone will contact me and want this."
Hey! This intending stuff is really powerful. I am intending more today!  

What is up, are the stars giving you a hard time because time continues to mold you? 
I know, me too. I have had to face the day many a day and sometimes it ain't pretty. You have the stupid drama and it can magnify all of your other dirty secrets. Just saying. Humans can be vile!
This is why if we take anything from astrology and saturn we can say, "we've grown".
We have all been vile, so do not just remember all the putas who hurt you, remember the ones you were a jerk to as well because we can all be jerks..yea?

If I have learned anything in this life, it is that we can change our mind. We can be kind and tolerant of other's differences. It is our best thing if we can master what tomorrow brings by careful organizing and sorting now. "Constant Diligence" anyone??

What does tomorrow bring for you?
You do not have to make a list but with Saturn for example, you might just have to. You'll forget things and maybe forget yourself and some bad thought just festers like a sore on your face. Just saying that there are beauty all around many good things about this moment. The morning, fresh with moist air and fluffy spring plants just take it all in and yea, we are good..we are, do not look for things to argue,  simply be, are, breathing and happier than ever, all true,  right now be what you want to be, not some puppet or show piece on a pedestal. That is what is ever fleeting. What stays is the sweet musk of you..I feel like thoughts make that sweeter or more bitter.


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