Saturday, May 21, 2016


It is time to make fougere soap  again. I am really excited because it is also time to make the old whore again too. oh yes, the finer of finest old whores.

I love them both so much and this time there will be magic. Why this time more? Because I have some really interesting things up my sleeve as always. Plus to me it is a ritual where I get to lead the way.
It Is always magic gathering ingredients my lovelies and when you have a complex system with patchouli, then you have stuff and thangs that are gonna touch everyone.
That is my intent to really be in touch with many, many people who are high thinking soap loving sweet smelling happy hard working blokes and mistresses!
There are whole lot of boys here with me using fantastic soap.
Things are good!

I will make a gorgeous fougere soap. I have some of the best oils from all over.

The last one had pink lotus. I loved it.
This one will have some deeper oils I must throw in there like the little witch in room on a broom..only instead of "iggetty, ziggetty zaggetty zoom!"
It is chanting or singing, always songs in a language of happiness, love and all the things that make us glad to be here and you know,
because things respond better to music which travels in the same way scent does!
These last few projects around here have been enjoyed with sounds by Fever Ray and Buddhist chants!:))

Fougere with sandalwood and musk..ohhhhh..
please I had to. just a drop to the sandalwood gives it a new thing..a little bit sexy and drawing close for attention.
I put it together a while ago. Every time I wear this sandalwood, people are drawn to me and it is in this soap. I had to, for the spell!
"and she uttered a spell.." (room on a broom)

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