Tuesday, May 17, 2016

mr president make america mexico again

That is if Donald Trump becomes president.
Why? He'll either become like Putin where people turn up missing or pretty much be another guy in the white house for 4 years unless some crazy kills him first.
I mean, who would want to be in that job? Two sides hating on each other while at the same time not remembering that all of us, we're minions you and me! We do all the stuff they do not have to.

Okay so, you have Bernie, I love him but I pause on Hilary and only because I know she is a Scorpio and has secrets..I bet too, that they can all  lie about everything and  about each other. Mostly they raise money by speaking! Loads of money okay! Loads of it, while they stand at their podiums chanting drivel!
It is all talk and business as usual!
Look at Saudi Arabia, I mean what the fuk, are they leaders of their union or not? If so, which I think that, yes, how come we never condemn them enough for the outrage of millions of people pouring in to Europe and here if they can so that they can get away from the tyrants who starve them and kill their families?
Well, for one thing, they are starving so they flee the place where there is no food for better lands with better grass. All Animals do that, all living creatures on Earth. I should go and do speaking engagements..except that I am not dishonest enough!
Fake faces with fake ideas and blah blah blah..all day and on the telly too!
In between all that, you have the faces that sell you the latest studies on what will kill you or not kill you, make you prettier and make you smarter and make you thinner and coffee is bad and sugar is cancer..
Hold up! Make America great again, make it like when? The revolution when the settlers of the anglo saxons of england came here and while at the same time breaking free from the king, they tried and succeeded in doing the same thing to who ever lived here before them. remember the native americans? yea, all slaughtered and killed!
Who is the immigrant?
Yes, we are! Even the native american came here from way up there looking for grass and grain!
And if you tell me that wheat is bad and you should go gluten free, please!
Balance and clean food is the key and we are agrarians and latest studies show that grains are important! Only if you are celiac is it when gluten is bad. If you are not, you could be actually hurting yourself by being so extreme! Latest Studies!
john oliver scientific studies

I did not wake up today to rant, I just read a few stories and saw the world through my computer and thought I would share some thoughts with you.

This is one reason why I am reclusive. The world is a phoney place where you have to take oaths in order to be counted for the king, the leader, the guru, the president..wtf? Even in the perfume industry, you have giants who run the gig and all the minions beneath them who look down their "nose" on anyone who is lesser in the scale of leadership.
 Oye! Just shut up with your ozone smell!
:) :) :)
That is why natural perfumers are so slow to be counted. It will change my friends. Because when one works for the best of all, there is a great return!
There is always a return. You cannot behave in such ways and succeed as a nation or a business or relationships. There is always a return.
I think for a long time you can tho. Until you realize what is important!

I must go in my cave right now and mix a few things.

I am working with dalmation sage because my Tonie said..
I love her and I love you, my ladies and blokes who smell so yummy!
Hide somewhere where you do not have to listen to faces talking and read a wonderful story..I am so happy to be here now and say what I want without being judged that I will smile right here right now!


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