Tuesday, May 3, 2016

looking at soaping for the next three or five years

I work retail so basically there are templates of displays we must follow. Loosely. It is encouraged that we are creative and make things flashy so that we can make money. It is all about how you present yourself at first sight that will set the tone of what you deliver. Sometimes it is shampoo on a shelf and other times it is your feet bulging out of mangled flat shoes that you should have never worn because they are bad for you.
Women! Many never care too much about their general health, remember when women put lead on their faces. Yea, it was in the powder they used to whiten their face. It was always better to be as white as can be.
I am glad that one is going away. The white skin..it is going away. Every woman is beautiful not just the white ones!
I say, "It is better to have clean natural skin!"
I have always enjoyed good skin because as a girl, I broke out as much as any other girl teen.
That is why everything I do is about the oils and how they nurish. I have never gotten away from that. of course I delve in to perfume and such rarities for a handcrafter. I am not a perfumer and have no interest in isolates or numbered ozone puta things..ketones! Get outa here, and now you are eating them..to loose fat on your belly because some ugly ass face on the telly told you to do it.. Goodness me, it is tiring! Oh, yes, now you are "raw" and only eat "kale" and "kale" chips with soy sauce!
Cut some kale and stir fry it with garlic and live a life and not pretend good health..that is the way of a good human..:) I mean how much dry kale can one person eat and be happy?
Be real and if you tell me one more time to stop eating sugar, I am going to bite your left ear lobe!
I will eat healthy cake and not deny my brain's need for energy. Too many blanket statements on health make me edgy. So get off my ass and stop feeding in to this inflammation myth. I have bones that have endured many years of beatings and fights and hard ass work..all sorts of beatings. I am a fighter, we punch and fight and kick and sometimes for real..not just in the dojo. Man, those days were awesome. I was a good kicker, really good and one time I was in a match with Rhonda and she was kicking my but. She hit me so many time in the face that I grabbed her and wrapped her tight in my arms and told her, "stop hitting me!" I would not let her loose for a few seconds.
Man she could punch!
ha ha haaaaa
Do I want to do that to my customers? No. I just don't, the ones that need the love the most act the worst and I still do not want to crush them. I must be getting too soft.

I want to explore the atoms in real things and yes, distilling is sort of a manipulation of said botanicals, there is a big difference.
It is not wrapped in poison. You see the chemicals that are isolated from the plants in such a way that is not natural. You have high heat, and isolation of certain compounds by more harmful chemicals.

My craft, The craft, any good art.. is complicated because the intending is well thought out and loved through the whole process.

This is a creamy shea butter lavender soap..and that is not all!

I used good things in here that are hidden but will bloom out slowly and delightfully!
I put the linden blossom hydrosol and the sandalwood hydrosol I was hiding in the back of my cooler.
Oh yea, it is stunning to say just the least!
I put the shea butter and rose hip oil and a bunch of neroli and lemon too. You will not detect the lemon at all. It is just a quiet little supporter of fine atoms. I put vanilla co2 infused in organic jojoba and then I said, "on the grass, soaking in the sunshine, may this be a bright refreshing mist which soothes and heals and delights all who come near."

I say things!

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