Saturday, May 28, 2016

hot hot hot my poem for the memories make them all good now and then will be better

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you can love your self because you know, you do know! You are here, I am here, we are safe and we are fine, we have no fears, our mind is clear, we smell fucking great and the rest is near..what is near you say? What is near is our mind's eye, inside, our conscious mind, our cells, can be driven or pulled it is easy both ways.. the way we communicate with in is what shows on our faces in our eyes through our middle ages..
we are serine and so keen that so many words I could say as this would pale to insinuate what we are.
I do not know that and neither does anyone more than me..and know, I love me and so I love you.

We are special when we feel enlightened. I feel like we are. Aromatherapy makes you think!
It can really show one the way to a path of thoughts, feelings and desperately glorious  raptures of expression.
Everyone wants a rapture!
I hope you get one :) or eight!

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