Friday, May 27, 2016

what is best in life

making art
living clean
no lies
no expectations
no regrets

okay no regrets it is...

One cannot live in regret mode because it means one is constantly lying to one's self.
It is easy to do especially since the human brain likes to justify does, we do.

I am thinking if you are living a life without strife there is nothing to justify and all goes as it will.
Can we really control outcomes?
To a certain degree, yes. We can choose to do the right thing always so we do not have to remember what we said or did and then have to carry on about how it is bad now!
Every thought leads the way for the very next thing.

What is the right thing?
I do not know for you but I have said this before and I will say it now,
I can see past my own intentions and innuendos. How about  you?
What covers the most ground in your mind?


I was asked the other day about my communication skills and how I handle speaking my mind.
I speak my mind in all matters because I hate fact I have never been one to squash my emotions for too long. I will however hold on to things for a week or two and then move on..

Regrets? What is done is done, it is what it is. Is it strife and disappointments or it is happiness and acceptance in all matters?

 It is everyday stuff, yo.

 Moods tho, they are like vampires.

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