Friday, March 30, 2012

the curtains

are going to be purple velvet over the aqua walls at my place. My one oldest boy says it is too much for the eyes but when it all comes together, it will glow a new tone. I will eventually take photos when it is finished but for now it is forming slowly from my mind's eye.
I want to have a feel of blue green water and all the feng shui I can naturally produce.
My new house has smallish bedrooms. That is because all the space has been concentrated in the living area which is basically one huge room with nice windows and a fireplace which I might just put a wood burning stove right in there.
A well lit place indeed, my new place is:) and it is comfy. My whole family (as you know, 7 kids, grandchild, friends of kids and my parents), well, they all love this place. No steps and no carpet. The floor will change big time..but it looks ok for now.
There is also a patio which is closed off with "push out" windows which will now be referred to as, "the solarium".
Tonight we will sleep there. I am so excited and very happy that this will be my final move. Yes, at 53, I am putting down some roots:)~which reminds me, I have to dig some holes for all these trees I bought. They looked so good on the computer..heh! I was hoping TyTy's would have sent one of those cute boys like in their videos to help me with details like digging and holding the grapes for me and stuff...

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