Saturday, March 24, 2012

two things

I am a banana and I love you. Not the creepy stalky love, the kind that says, hey, I see you, you are like me, I praise you.
What are we still stuck in an era where we kill each other because of different faces? Like The Ice Man 5000 years ago? The guy is walking up a mountain and some caveman ass shoots him with an arrow!
The guy had a family dude! WTF? he is walking up a mountain maybe trying to get him some food..(this time I know it is him, not himself)) and you guys kill him?
His goatskin coat was well sewn for that time period. He was in his forties when he died. He had an advanced copper axe on him that really impressed me. I love all blades, I do:)
Read about him, Google him if you want right now.
In studying this man, we have now been able to discover that he was most likely hit by an arrow.
One scientist found that with his new high tech camera. A shadow of what looks like an advance arrow head. He had many arrow heads. Gorgeous workmanship.

Fantasy story by me:

It has been one year since all the electrical grids were blown out by that solar flare and still no power. No radio yet and no computers, no banking or gasoline after a bit.
The cities are dirty rat infested disease ridden crap places...
The streets filled with garbage and fires burning everywhere to at least get rid of some of that trash..In the country sides, people are better off.
Zizzy is busy. She is walking around her place to make sure it is safe for the night. It is fenced well and she feels very protected at this moment. Not long ago someone tried to get in, stay a while, she gave her some food and sent her away. She can't nurture everybody.
The fruit trees look good. This year she planted potatoes and soon she will plant corn and wheat at the North East corner.
Her pantry is filled with dried beans and garbanzos, so they have food. Water is another story.
Some of the cities have enough gasoline stored so that by now, some towns are getting a truck full of water every day..there is a meeting point and everyone scrambles to fill every vessel that they can and carry it home. Rainwater is collected by some smart people. It is precious, water is!
She had right away,devised a rain water collector so that all the rain water drains in a container. She is so smart!
The toilets do not flush so she had to build an outhouse. The boys dug it out. There is a way to incinerate human waste, so she has now formulated a plan to build a kiln of some sort..good thing she read "mother earth news" and kept every issue. Good thing she has books to keep her occupied for a while.

She looks inside her earth oven and checks to see if the beans are cooked, they are..yep!

There is always enough soap right now and she doesn't worry about it much. She took all the coconut oil she could get her hands on on the last day of retail. The store was mostly empty anyhow..
She makes a paste out of soap and a bit of silica (fuller's earth) and it is a good way to clean dishes and clothing.
It has been hot, very hot. Good thing she planted all those trees way back when. When was that..2012?
That was years ago..
She stopped at the line of her beloved birch trees and checked on her little stash of fungus (birch polypore fungus)growing at the base. Looks amazing! She will dry that and make a powder.
It is medicine for wounds and all sorts of parasites.
She thanks Divine Mother for all her gifts and perceptions and goes inside.
"Let's Eat!"

Daily Dish soap paste #1

softer type soap, grated 1 cup
1/8 cup water
a bit of baking soda
1 c fullers earth, maybe a little extra
1/2 cup high quality cold pressed oil
make a paste

have a :gud: day and I love you:)

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