Saturday, March 3, 2012

High Winds

caused by the Sun and blasts of magnetic particles hitting our planet. Even from millions of miles away, these forces leave us helpless!
Be safe and watch yourself. This is no time to be careless, go binging on the party life because it can leave you in a chaotic life situation.
Better to stay in and read something nice.
Bless your family and bless your life.

be clear and honest with all you encounter
and change your mind about those who shake your tolerance factors
the ones that sap your energy and make you angry
you are wasting time
think on something stronger
and don't justify every thought to others
they don't get it
your light may attract some vagabonds and gypsies
know what they are and move on
no one enters without an is the way of witchiness:)(I have forgotten that twice!)
if you like that thought build a ray of light around yourself** You cannot nurture everyone, nurture your skills, your creativity, your super awesome abilities!!

read more
talk less
read more
think more

make each thought give its reward... as positive vibes vibrantly sizzling with extreme goodnessand excellence and boons and joy because of boons and excellence...~~~...


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