Wednesday, March 28, 2012

batch happiness 2012

I made my last batch of soap at the old house the other day. One of them is Cyprus Lemon Soap:) The other, Blackberry Sage Soap.

80% organic extra virgin coconut oil cold pressed
20% extra virgin olive oil also cold pressed

one ounce lemon
one ounce pink grapefruit
one ounce litsea cubeba
one tea bag of Juniper Ridge White Sage Mint Tea
2 ml sage oil
one ounce blackberry seed oil at the finish
I had to stir this for a couple of hours for some reason or another but I was patient and let it do its thing.
I also should say that I reduced the water by quite a bit so this bar is more condenced and much more firm.
Smells really nice, too!

Coming Soon
By popular demand..
Diatomacious Earth with Black Lava Salt Soap
have a lovely day:)

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