Wednesday, March 7, 2012

full moon in Virgo

The Full Moon, the dreams, the fast paced thoughts and happenings!

The freeking ruined parcel, in Australia which arrived at my clients door all ripped apart and disheveled like a dirty whore showing up at a party. The post workers seriously having no mind about being careful and shredding any packing material!
fuqs! Does the word "fragile" mean anything to you?
Guess what? I did not freak out. I did not get emo about a box not being absolutely perfect.
My lovely buyer was perfectly gracious too. Not all flipped out like it was my fault!
How nice for me and her.
She will be sent a nice new box. Did I make any money in my soap business last year?
A little bit. Why? Because when you ship things via post or any other thing, there is always the wonkey factor. Even with much bigger less quaint businesses, there are shipping mishaps. Jars broken, water or oil damage, you name I have seen it. We always take it in stride knowing the vendor will offer credit..not a refund..not ever. I gave refunds, paid more for shipping, sent extra product and want to go a little further as to not upset my customer. Some less lovely clients give stupid -points on etsy ( one dislike~ about etsy)
Hey, your Christmas didn't go right because of your high expectations, not a parcel of soap, k?
That said, one can see I harbor resentment over the negative point not the refund.
( I release and I forgive, I release I forgive..

Money always comes. I have enough all the time. There is nothing to fear, not even a - point..

Hey, you don't like the smell of one of my bars? Right!

No way, oils are beautiful and always smell great, all I do is honor them in delicious dispersing material..and we all know how much I like essential fatty acids. They are right up there with terpenes, anthocyanins:)and green clay!

So I am, from this day forward, making my soap endeavors work for me as well as the customer..
I will continue to make special products and not rush outcomes. that is the important thing. To have a vibe that meshes with goodness and joy. To have a vibe which brings opportunities for success though my hands..
I am always gracious and polite. My work space is clean and tidy. there is only perfection now:)

thank you
rantin' annie

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