Friday, March 23, 2012

the dreams and the reality

First of all I went down to the last few grains of scrub I had made with og red raspberry seed oil. I am not only going make up free today, I am once again reminded of the perfection around me. My skin glows pink and gold ( am an olive complexion).
Do you know why? Because my amazing friend Tonie, aka Linden Glitter aka Dubious Ruffian(of which I am one), is best at finding good stuff like red raspberry seeds.
She finds amazing people who make amazing things.
As far as skin care goes, let me tell you that I respect her all the way because her and I, we are on the same plane of magnetism, plus she makes me better, as good friends should:)

My current scrub recipe is as follows;

kanwa clay
ground of red raspberry seeds and oil (omg, so nice this oil is)
2 ml frankincense

~Try this combo on your face at 90/10 clay to seed ratio
add enough oil to make a paste
do it
and then go do some yoga, after you wash your face, of course. With this Mars in Virgo retrograde thing going, we must focus on our health and ability to make good choices.
Remember this, that your fears are inside of you or you might be mirroring someone else's fears or both.
Take a step back and do not pay too much attention to others behavior, I know you want to. Only do what you do. Do what you do, not what you've done:)

I trust myself and I am always graceful and kind, right!

I am about to move..dang~ it is close now.
I will take pictures of the new place soon as well..
It has allot of garden space, more than I thought.

Today I will buy my wild flower seeds and various hummingbird attracting flowers. I am so excited about a bit of dirt, I am:)
have a great day..

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