Monday, March 12, 2012

konjac fiber

not the latest of Dr Oz ideas but boy it sure took hold and now people just want to take it and be thin.
It comes in a capsule or loose powder that you can sprinkle on your food. It expands in your belly so that basically you cannot eat as much as your gluttonous mind wants you to.
I tried it the other day and well, it works pretty good to fill you up, but the next day I was in the bathroom for what seemed like hours. Why does every "thin" making supplement make you have "crampy" bathroom time?
Even that pharmaceutical product does the same thing..makes everything a quick evacuation so you do not absorb any nutrients and food doesn't stick on you.
I do not know the name of it but you can go here if want to see what the buzz is about..we are certainly talking "buzz"! I don't think it is good.
Some of the women who rely on these things look like dried out alligators with skin hanging from the HCG diet and and basic dehydration.
I'm scared for them. (not really)
They come in the store looking for fat free lotion and fat free shampoo and soap. I am at first dumbfounded and then realize I am dealing with the hcg diet. This diet omits any fat from the eating regiment. No oils or skin care products with oils. They want fat free lotion because with this diet your skin dries up. God help you if you have dry heat in you home all winter and you are doing the hcg diet. No amount of aloe gel is gonna be enough.
Furthemore, Twinlab Na-PCA is awful and is composed of some synthetic slippery substance which feels like it is moisturizing because it is slick can't be good for you, just look at the formula..seriously? Pegs, in this day and age?
Ingredients: Water, SD alcohol 40, PEG-8, sodium PCA, eucalyptus globules oil, fragrance, borax, polysorbate 20, monolaurin.

One has to choose who one will share one's skin care beliefs with. I get so emotional about religion and skin care on the inside. On the outside I keep my cool. Ok, there was this one time...
What am I, a reformer?
That would take way more energy and anger. Don't get me wrong when it comes to "pink slime",

I am all for Never using it and eating food with this substance, but to actively go on a reform mission would be a little too much. Or would it? I do tell clients about "returns" and how we dump them in a land fill, and some do stop and at least give it a glancing thought..How do you graciously tell a customer to not worry about returning the product, you're thinking that they either want it or they don't? Right? I mean that shampoo was in your bathroom. The bathroom that you use after taking konjac fiber! Dang, how can you take that back and hand it to someone?
(why do you think I bathe as soon as I get home? ha ha..I do not do all the body care returns anymore, but when I did, I wore gloves..I had to)
I wish we could all live simply and enjoy what we purchase. I love everything I buy. I really do, why else would I spend the money?
I once heard shoppers referred to as grazers..huh!
Retail is like this.

If anyone can be best in serving it is Libra!
My Libra inclinations tell me to solve problems by listening and slowly planting seeds in to people's minds..some Libras need to justify themselves and some of have learned to shut up and let others have the glory and while doing so, Libra can become wise and worthy.
Elegant too..
Is Libra doing her make up differently? Come to think of it she never wore it before.
Why not? She certainly has the eyes to pull of dark and piercing..
Her beloved husband at a time told her she looked like a transvestite clown when she wore it that is why.
Maybe she did. He hated her hard toned strong body..that one did.

Aries I still urge you to take a step back and realize who actually loves you because you yourself have been in a social frenzy..I am reminded of the girl in Forrest Gump..Robin something..too much is too much and before you know it, you have gained a few pounds and your face looks bloated..not your face but anyone's face:)
get your skill on and you will flourish

Taurus..I love bulls. So warm so talented..delish! every Taurus man I know makes me fell comfy and warm. You can just relax and they will take care of things. Or will they? Sometimes with Taurus you have to push them a little..Then they get excited, don't they?
Tell a Taurus that he is an excellent artist musician and see him light up..yea?

if you are looking for the superfood way to loose weight, acai is still top notch and nutritious all the way. I love the Genesis Acai and I once drank some Noni when I felt ill, and it sparked up my day. It isn't all pegs, we have really good choices for health and well being today. We are lucky and in a pearly zone of our time here..

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