Saturday, March 10, 2012

the internet

why do some of these people go on line a trash everything they see?
All I want to see is Johnny Depp in make up and wonder about how wide is that KK ass in real life. Sometimes it doesn't look great to me. I think it is the angle in which they take the photos..
But, am I going to write something, perhaps my first time in public and it is a snide angry cutting thing? If you don't like someones clothes, how does that make them no account and scum? Really? Who are you the scum police?
I enjoy the tabloids, that is why I like to look at the fashion and the ideas of some of these people. It is fun to see what they look like in a gown or bitchin' boots of some sort.
I am amazed and a little miffed now that I can't even read my daily mail because of the readership being such jerks about Ashton and how is new girl is older "looking" than him.
She seems nice to me. A writer of stories..I mean I do not know the woman but if she takes time to write, she is likely to be introspective on some level. I must quit the daily mail uk! i can't take it. It is too mean.
You become what you think about and who you blend yourself with. They have a saying for it in every language.
"Tell me who you run with and I will tell you who you are"
I wish there were a sweet tabloid that wasn't soaked with dripping would think they would cancel such a thing and not let these type of posts color their image..but honestly for me, it is time to not read the daily mail..
I don't care for constant snidely griping..I want to see all of them and keep going to next photo. Yes, Coco has a huge butt that just jumps at you from the screen..she is so interesting.
Who cares if she has had implants..which I do not think she has..and the look in Ice T's eyes is always like so smugly content, dang, man, that there is fun!
(I think his name is Mr ice tea or something)

I am off today. I will be making stuff later and packing some lovely orders. I might even drive off to ann arbor for paper. You would like the papers. I want to cut all the black ink papers and serve soap in them.
What do you think about the hand made papers with the vellum label? Would you always prefer the printed ones with goddess images and what not?
(the whatnot meaning other images of glorious myths and legends)
We will see what happens.
There will be an upgrade of some sort in 2012~
During the next two years, I would like to have a proper work shop with my earth oven and garden near by.
I have sourced paw paw trees and would like to plant persimmon..for sure pear and apple but also peach plum and two types of cherry.
Cherry is a gorgeous tree all year long (in Spring, the blooms are magnificent) and while tart cherries are wonderful for joint and gout issues, the dark ones are all about anthocyanins and other micro nutrients which are said to be super healing with regards to skin and the immune system.
Now that I know what elderberry looks like we will line the property with as many brambles that I can get my hands on including blueberry and all the raspberries.
I want it to always be enough for the birds and us.

I am so excited:) Did I actually buy an ounce of neroli? It almost feels like the olden days but better!

Neroli Patchouli butter anyone?
Neroli Vanilla?

Dang, I wish I had some Turkish rose right now!

I hope you have a beautiful day:)

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