Sunday, March 4, 2012

mercury retro again Mars retro in Virgo!!

three times a year and here comes another one. I think it is good so one can
re organize some thoughts
behaviors and come to terms with physical type mistakes with Mars retro in Virgo.
For example, you may have automatically swindled someone without really meaning to. Give more thought to your values and how you obtain money. It has to hurt none and you must be generous. That is the key to this aspect in my view.
Organize and clean your home too. Throw away your clutter because it will open a new paths, new opportunities in your life.
say, " I am sorry"
" I made a mistake"
"Thank You"

words have power
be respectful
get off the computer
after you read this of course :):):)
gotta go but I am so excited because I made banana soap again today. I used a bunch of vanilla co2 and a super fine ylang ylang, organic.."Pluto Power" as Mystic says..
I have been grinding this stuff for weeks now with raw cacao nibs and ground roasted orange peels, roasted banana peels, and some other secret little helpers to make you happy.
I also found a wee jar of mimosa absolute that Justine Crane gave me a few years ago and threw it in the soap base.
Oh Mighty Isis
You are strength therefore I am strength
You are comfort therefore I am comfortable
You are wealth therefore I am wealthy
Oh Mighty Isis
be my guide through this day..thank you!

(* Isis in this case being the God in me)

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