Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the intense violet

How do you like the blazing violet there? Kind of intense like me and you.
If you have anything in Capricorn or Libra or Aries, you are in an intense violet mode.
You can take the high road or the low road.
depends how you are raised and how deeply you communicate with your inner self...
I can tell you this right now, it is not a contest and you will come out a winner.
yes there will be aggravation..that is because maybe you expect too much from others and as a result have misunderstood your own motivations.
Do a good job right now and the rest will be easier.
Pay attention to details and ask the questions that need asked. Say what is on your mind and don't be an ass while having a fine ass cuz you are doing yoga, working out, being happy..
"happiness" the final outcome desired~

Today March 14 of 2012,11 AM EST~ I Anastasia, Crazie Annie, Anne, Ana, Stashe,awesome soapmaking babe who owns her own home am very happy and delighted that it turned out so well in the end.
I am calm and graceful through all processes...

All of my oils have been arriving as well. I love to have so many riches before me.
I have had a hankerin' for an all white shea butter soap.
The kaolin in my stock is super white and fluffy and now all I have to do is choose..
Most likely, the cypress frankincense spruce combo I have coming together in my mind will be reminiscent of underground timelords soap. I keep wanting more underground timelords.
It was a bitchin' soap bar man!
I believe it was the cypress in the blend. We will see what comes of it.
I will attempt a re-creation from the debris of the last one..frankie will be there:)
cyprus, spruce, elemi, wild cedar, a drop vetiver, juniper, a few drops of this and that.
I am so excited so have a work shoppe away from the kids. My new place has the sweetest set up and a half insulated garage which I will fully insulate and make it my soap shop. I have friends who are giving me a stove..omg
I already have my planting list....check out this place...
paw paw, cherry, apple, chestnut,grapes, and a bunch of berries.
( )

Do you know how good chestnuts are for you? OMG..The trees themselves provide protection and bring comfort in you life. Chestnut has the energy of stability and protection from despair..
I have made an extract ((way back in KY, the 90's)) of this material and will want to utilize chestnut infusions in soap again.
Next will be walnut, but I do not know how many nut trees the property can support.

***yesterday, I got to meet the Briggs and Featherbell girls!! They are awesome natural soapmakers who have gone to selling at Whole Foods..that is so nice as they are 100% essential oils based and well made soaps. They love patchouli and we hugged..he he he
I am so happy that we are getting more and more high quality natural soaps in our store..
(so cute!)

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