Wednesday, March 21, 2012

thanks for the memories

I am starting to pack up for the big move. It'll be so much more roomy at the new place and well, when one begins a project of this magnitude, one will for dang sure encounter some old memories stored in a clay vessel of some sort.. My sweet gift cards and even the "be grateful sign" that one girl made who I had to run off from here, I thank her too.
Hey man, I am getting me a garden:) A secret garden filled with vines and thorny brambles.
Closed off from the outside by woods and cover for my animal friends. There will be enough berries for everyone!

Four year ago, when I came back from Costa Rica with 50 cents in my pocket and no jacket in Chicago in April, hungry because I ran out of money in Houston, I was so happy to have made the journey. The whole experience back in CR leaving me numb with thoughtful ideas and gratitude for the opportunity and super duper gratitude for a hot shower and a warm bug free bed. My mom asked me if I wanted to shower..the answer was yes:)
I had left Canes, Costa Rica, the week before, on a bus and made the trip all the way through Central America, all the while keeping an eye on my children like a hen with claws..never once leaving their sides and making them hold each other's hands through the long lines at the Fronterras..(borders).
These stops were often met with plenty of street food and delicious sweets but each area with dangers too. Military in some and very seedy stops in others. The food, always delicious as it was prepared by women, women who would steel from you in a heartbeat! I smiled at everyone and spoke in brilliant Spanish, so they liked us.
Of course they did!
A friend who is still back in CR, often said to me, "no, you can't take the children on the bus through central america, they will take your daughters they are so pretty!"
"what do you want me to do, stay here and be dirt poor and do laundry outside without giving my kids a opportunity for education of some sort!!??"
"no..I hate to see you go, here hide this gold coin in your bra and if you need to use it for any emergency, you will.."
I used it to pay for this rental home I am in now as the 1000 down payment and the whole move here...I am thankful to this day to that gorgeous gal!
Happy Spring :)

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