Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I know I am geek

not a writer so if you think of me as an ass sometimes, well it might be true.
This why I can't read my own posts on some days.
Who cares, I keep being propelled to share my thoughts, something which should be shared.

"hey Freddy, how did you like the soap I left in your glove box for you being so sweet and driving me to ann arbor that one time.."
"oh I hate eucalyptus, so.."

"Really, not even a thank you, seriously Fred?"
"Well I thought about lying to you but.."
I said my gracious but prompt goodbye and I was, needless to say, stupefied for a moment there. It was peppermint you knob! ( the problem here is that people are so stupefied by synthetic perfume they have become toxic and their nose can't smell anything good anymore.)
I'll forgive him, the dummy.
Things he might have said to me were;
"thank you so much Anastasia, that was kind"
Or, "I gave it to my sister for her birthday..."
"thank you"
Seriously dude, who raised you some dumb ass philistine who never showed you how to be grateful?
Fine, I will forgive him and wish him all the best:)
I do not think I relate very well with people who hate peppermint or those who do not know the difference between mint and eucalyptus..my best friend, bff ha!, she is not always a fan of mint. But she has been known to partake of mint and loves eucalyptus..many people do.
oh, it is all eucalyptus to the them?

Timelord Soap has been cut. It smells like a Timelord..

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