Thursday, March 8, 2012

some sort of void moon and the golden plate given to Libra now

I know it seems like allot on your plate, just keep moving ahead and count everything. It is all about counting right now and just as in every perfect recipe, the out come is a gorgeous mouthful of food, or some nice thought or word. Try counting all the great things you say about anyone and skip the criticism..

I am just out of the shower with "Oh Mighty Isis"
She smells of rich vanilla and super intense ylang and she rubs the right way. Like a foamy creamy massage.
As I sit here I am surrounded by a steamy aura of scent. It is interesting how people will respond when I pass. I rarely wear ylang ylang. Vanilla Ylang together is potent, rich and tenacious on you. Next time I will add neroli to this soap. That would be nice a touch of neroli.
I just bout some. Neroli and vanilla are awesome together! I bought a good amount of Tahitian vanilla. I am so excited. I will make a butter with it.
By the way~~
Butter season goes on break for hot months here in the Northern I never ship shea butter products in June July August September.
Wait, it is only March..we are good on creams.
Next I am doing a rose hip cream with shea and cacao butter. I feel like my skin likes a little cream sometimes and to be honest I do not like any sort of store cream on my skin. It feels like a waxy shield that blocks my skins ability to breathe. It is like an invisible papoose all over me!
Most likely my subconscious memory of when my mother would wrap me in a tight mummy like papoose so my legs would go straight.. Macedonian folklore and all that!
They never did, my legs. I am still gorgeous, don't worry:)

The tray of fine gold and dishes of health and well being should be passed to the next guy and then when you turn around someone is handing you another plate of something golden..
maybe we should all take a day and praise praise praise
I am trying it today..

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