Monday, March 19, 2012

the shea and the good

The most recent batch of Blood Orange Ylang Ylang Soap is loaded with shea. So much so that it is still a little soft because I add a whole big spoon full at the end. I am talking a big spoon holding a cup or so of material.
Plus I added the Tahitian vanilla I just bought in this soap batch as well.
The final result is a fragrantly pleasant bright bar of soap. In 3 weeks it'll be nice and hard but who can wait. It is ready to use in all its shea-xpansion...right now.

This recipe is composed of Nutiva cold pressed coconut oil (my favorite)
extra virgin fruity olive oil (changes with each batch)
beautiful clean shea butter (sunrose aromatics)

blood orange essential oil
Ylang Ylang Extra
Tahitian vanilla CO2

Other news from my shop is that I am moving to a new lovely workshop habituation.
After walking through my new home and finally deciding what will go where, I am forced to conclude that the garage will be converted into a soap shop with a wood burning stove for heat in winter.
I want it to be a comfy place to work and hang cars allowed:)a couch, two really nice wooden work tables I have collected in my travels. Yesterday, I stopped by an estate sale in west bloomfield and picked up a really nice tablecloth. This woman had rugs for sale at 2000 each..she gave me a sweet little plate because I loved her things so much. I have to be careful with being too greedy at estate sales (you see all this nice stuff) and so I only take a few bucks to those sales. The rugs were exquisite and she had some really nice art. I didn't dare ask the price for the paintings.
The tablecloth that I did buy is linen and super fine. I am happy:)
Things are good.
have a wonderful day and be happy too.

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