Friday, March 9, 2012

enjoy the flares

don't be afraid of them. Well yes, they could wipe out our atmospheres and we would all suffocate..
We're not gonna suffocate!
Everything is fine. I did get a whopping headache yesterday. Could be my emotions though.
We all have something bothering us. Something that must be dealt with and fixed.
When I was married, I called that husband work. Now, it is Anastasia work.
Kids with allergies, periods, house repairs, car stuff, now the dryer is making a huge clanking sound.. constant little stuff that can drive one to yelling or redirecting energy towards other things. People maybe?
Listen, I constantly overestimate the intelligence of humans and it all stems from religion. Just because I love science and astronomy, does not mean I do not believe in God.
Further more, I should point out that it enhances my understanding of God and how really magnificent the whole process is.
Now if only people would stop fighting about what they "believe" in and look at the facts, we would all be better off today!
Who am I , the belief police?
No, I am a soapmaking momma who owns her own home and is never alone...

have a good day:)
love you
love God
love my brain and hands too

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