Friday, October 12, 2012

Dark Moon Friday Till Monday

Make it good. Plant some seeds of intentions and do not speak too much about it, It'll take the energy away.
that is Dark Moon all the way.Anything really.
You tell everyone your ideas and thoughts and the next thing you know, they aren't special at all.
I am not talking food recipes. I am talking about the big stuff. In this case, big Libra stuff! That is the New Moon a commin..
For Libra, it is all about getting your P's and Q's in order and being glad you did.
Sure, you get to be a coward in some cases, we all are..but for the big stuff, you thrive. You get it done, and you get it in and to top it all off, you do it in the most timely way! No waiting!

Scorpio will take a break from justifying his/her opinion and go to a quiet place where a little submitting is in order in order to create a full circle of success! Otherwise, no compromise means no love and no love means all alone Scorpio counting his possessiveness all alone..
Scorpio, if your question is, "have you ever let us down?" The answer  is No, and what your actions were along the way, are what people always remember.
Find work and do it everyday..things are changing for the better!

Sagittarius dear, you may find yourself counting your real friends on one hand. Yes indeed! Your social connections will prove to be "not enough" for you and you will surely see the shallow ones drifting away. New loving friends are what you will learn to cherish in the next few years and not some social standards of old worn out traditions based on national pride or family pride and yes, even your religion. They seem to bore you these days I know it! Read more books and get away from the mall, I say!

Capricorn, I know you dream of your enchanted place where the fairies greet you each morning sparkling in the chilly dew and reflecting a wide array of starlight.
I bet you even have pictures!

Aquarius, well, you are a star however, you you have a reality check about how pretty you actually are.
You are as pretty as your thoughts, honey. Your words and actions have been everything. Say how you feel and feel what you say, it doesn't matter who hears? It kind of does!
Maybe don't say everything..maybe it is a good time to nurture someone else for a change.....
I feel like that is your quest. You can nurture your own self anytime! Someone may need your support and forgiveness.

Pisces, am I seeing you solve one thing and now you quickly replace that situation with another problem you want  to solve?
We all rely on you don't we? If there is one thing we can all count on is your comfort and knowledge. Thank you!

Aries, are you wondering when all the adventure will begin with Uranus in Aries? It has been here all along and you are on a ride of your life..and not just this one!
A few tips?
Threesomes hurt one of the three..or all in some cases!
Take your abilities and remove yourself from that format. Once you do, you will be at the top looking down on all your choices..
thrills and spills along the way are inevitable.

Taurus,  you are cute! So stylin! And your mad skills are being noticed. keep keeping on like you do and comfort and joy will follow! Romance maybe?

Gemini, beautiful  love! Things are looking sunny and bright. You are past a difficult period and now have taken the reins and heading into a period of complete understanding and with this knowledge you have become like a chariot driver!
Decide what you want and think about that 200 times a day for the next 200 days!
(do not choose bringing back your lost love):):) Think bigger and more better!

Cancer, you idea of perfection is wonderful, You are comfort and home! I love that about you!
Wonderful days ahead my dear. Be ready for serious lessons and mind awakening details.

Leo, I know you want what is best. you may be burning the candle at both ends and missing some details. Just saying honey!
400% is not real for you right now. Delete a couple things and work on you amazing skills..You heart shines like a shooting star, in the daytime!

Oh my Virgo, I love you so much. I don't know why. Maybe it is because I can relate a little about my past lives through you. Maybe it is because you are so utterly real to me. I can tell you anything and you understand and have compassion for my plights,small as they may be. You show genuine caring. Now be that way for yourself too!
Serve yourself while serving others? That is the Virgo way!

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