Wednesday, October 17, 2012

making soap

It is that time and this year, I am way ahead of schedule..if there were one that is!
There is the old whore which is spectabulous this batch is!
There are the beautiful vetiver ones smooth and the other with a little rose geranium and a little adzuki to scrub you a little.
The next thing coming up is (finally) the violet soap.
I haven't yet made it because I loose sleep about the blend. All I want to do is mix it with rose and some rose leaf..maybe it is too simple a blend but my higher mind says to trust myself and go for it.
I shall!
After all, what  is the worst thing here, that it will smell amazing?

Just another example of how I fret over little things while all the while living out the big stuff automatically..
I did make a small batch of a blend I was sent as a gift, called harvest moon..I do not know what is in it as Christopher at White Lotus hasn't said. It is supposed to bring the scent of Japan during the harvest there.
I can't decipher any one oils in this blend at all and the way he does his blends I can be certain there are many oils in this combination.
The thing with soap is not like perfume though.
In soap, if you do a complex blend, you might be wasting the oils. Might!
Soap envelopes the oils and twirls them around and picks the one which stands out most.
That is one good reason why I like things simple. In soap, an expensive sandalwoody blend can fizzle out and just smell like pudding or something.

I made a soap once for a perfumer who sent me her delicious blend which cost her a small fortune to make..rose, spikenard, sandalwood...she freaked out when I told her that there is no way you can charge 50 bucks for a bar of soap even though each bar cost about that much to make..One would have to only sell to aromathrapists or perfumers who really want this type of blend sudzing up and then going down the drain..

Don't get me wrong, there was a time I used sandalwood like a pig-ess:)
Neroli by the tablespoon full and rose by the pound..
Through the years I have matured and become simpler in my desires, more refined, more poised and needing less.
What about you? What do you need?
Less is always more, now I must go sniff that harvest moon soap and try to detect something in there which I know..davana maybe?

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