Friday, October 26, 2012

Planets in Scorpio Now

The Sun. Mercury, Saturn and True Node all in Scorpio way up there in its Disc of Archetypes which is revolving and twirling in space all on its own. In space the constellations are far away from each other even though in astrology,  we only detect them for a month at a time, in space the distance is billions of light years away!! The who idea of distance and time is still complicated in my soap making brain! I love following astrology and I love to study the details involved but give you the math, I cannot.

When you follow stars the way astrology does, you know that this stuff out there is going to happen and then bamm, you are all in it and all that emotion may be swirling around all of a sudden. You are in the middle of a twirly whirly sort of sparkly goo..and you made it. That is how I see all this transiting Scorpio stuff!

And now back to me, heh!
You too!

Look where you have Scorpio in your chart and see  where you were, where you learned to troubleshoot and do, with Libra before that.
Libra having to hold balance and doing it well!
I think look at Libra and where you may be too rigid about your  beliefs of perfection where elegance dwells and everyone smells good, and perhaps only wanting things your way. With  Libra in your 7th house you might be juggling a variety of affairs with regards to money and holdings at this time.. Libra in the 12th would be a review of all that 12th house business of inner power, dreams, and secrets and also being held down by someone. and so on.. Look at where you have this Scorpio powerhouse visiting and you can see how the last few weeks were effected by Libra energies!

Where eventually you'll have to concede and where you can shine by doing not shining..
I always say this, "a nice white shiny horse is beautiful with you on it but eventually you have to feed that bad boy"
:) it is all about what you produce in the end..maybe like a plate of food. You can throw a bunch of slop in a pan or you can take time to make it pretty and that means taking extra steps and sometimes we are lazy..
I say a lot of things!:)
I love saying, I do:) I feel like you are right in front of me here.

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