Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reality and Saturn in Scorpio

I have a feeling, no, a hunch, that Scorpio doesn't care much for reality..at least part of the time!
Saturn being an archetype of all time time is heading in to Scorpio in just a few hours, tell me that there will be reality to pay sometime for all of us in a way..
and for Scorpio in a big way.

What it isn't cutesy enough for you? Should I tell you a bunch of stuff to hide some more?

Do you know what's funny?
Dirty little secrets when brought out into the open aren't as dirty.
In you mind you have made  this shameful thing that you think you have to hide, but then the the truth in the open light makes you wonder if you were just dreaming it all.
I mean first off, it is done..what is done is done right?
Then you are like an icy queen looking over the debris and making distinctions about what you will do with this shiny rubble.
Saturn is very much about the truth, the cold icy reality and if anyone can handle it, it is you honey, because Saturn is also GRACE and POISE..

You can't hide from your own mind. Do a great job at whatever and don't waste time thinking about hiding your flaws. If you can't be proud of who you are right now, what's the point?

Don't waste any time scheming and trying to hide your habits and bad reactions in secret mind places. Make excellent WISE choices at every moment. No manipulation, please!
If you nurture pain and agony, your liver will get its feelings hurt and the next thing you know, you break out in some skin ailment because pain and agony do not filter toxins in your blood and HAPPINESS does.
The pain hormones are caused by adrenalin which is triggered by thoughts and feelings.
We are still discovering the micro components of these hormones and how they trigger specific receptors in the body.
When you smile it actually triggers a chemical in your brain..When you are kind your face gets prettier. When you are deep in thought it wrinkles so..
It is amazing really!

have a wonderful day

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