Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cyprus oil and the benefits of diuretics

 In  urine, fats are lost from the body to the extent of 4% of the volume of urine. So, it is but obvious that more you urinate, the more you lose fat. Then, urination promotes digestion and also does not let gas form in the intestines as well as removes excess water from the body and reduces swelling etc. The most important role played by urine is that it removes toxins from the body. Added to that, it also reduces blood pressure and helps clean kidneys. Most of the medicines for lowering blood pressure are based on this benefit of urination.

That said what are supposed to drink Cyprus oil in tea or something?
I wouldn't be opposed to taking a drop once a day but what else is there but soap in order to gain the goodness and all the awesome benefits of Cyprus oil?
In a massage blend and maybe body scrub?
I am not doing a body scrub, you can make that at home easily.
A massage blend would be perfect though. is when I start to ponder about that idea...
I do not want to smell of Cyprus and lemon all day. I want to smell like rose, patchoulis,  vetivers and sandalwoods and this is why I would only do this  as a treatment at night..You bathe, you rub it on, and then you look refreshed in the morning..

The soap is a green clay salty affair with simply Cyprus oil and lemon. 4 ounces of lemon in a 6 bar batch.

I want to have it stand out and also do something at the same time.
When you wash with salty clay soapy foam, you will realize what you have in your hands. You will take a hand full of it and hold it to your nose and breathe it in..glorious? wonderful?
Oils do that like no other thing on earth!
The oil:
2 ounces of your favorite carrier oils
I used organic jojoba, evening primrose, sea buckthorn oil, 32 drops Cyprus oil and 5 mls lemon oil.
It is strong but not bad at all in its final approach. Rub it in your most pearly parts, by your bumm.
What if it works and you urinate a bunch of fat and stuff?

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