Monday, October 8, 2012

Hungarian Sweet and Hot Peppers last of the fresh of the vine

I roasted these and then I finished them over a high heat with garlic good sea salt and a drizzling of the finest olive oil I could find..
There are few habaneros too in there but  not many.
They are super tender so you can pop them one by one in your mouth with some nice bread and goat cheese if you want to. I have feta here so I'm all set.

It is chilly here and super sunny at the same time. We had some frost last  night and I have to tell you that it gets my blood just sparkling this time of year!
I believe!
I believe in the life I live and I live each moment in perfect gratitude.


I am getting a wide range of generous portions of my favorite oil this week!!
Templar Fir and Rose and Cardamom and labdanum..
There are others, I'll  surprise you but good, my pretties!

For now, let's eat and be merry, yea?

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