Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Noticing Mars in Sag and Knowing

Knowing things about people.
Being able to walk in a room and understand the psychology. I think this is Mars in Sagittarius!
Now say you are a Capricorn person. And then think about what is up right now.
Do you see that people are on some ego trip where they overstep their human boundary to make a point?
I think this is Mars doing a number a few but noticeable people and events. For you my darling  Cappy, I say, be above them and go with the flow. Be happy to serve and be rewarded big time!

For some there many be heart ache for sure. Hey there is always that. Feelings get hurt, people get huffy and the Sag influence is sometimes pampas, too truthful and arogant and some of us become eager to show our plumage. It is cool, as long as you do a good job, if not, then look at the numbers (proverbial) and see where you can turn mistakes into opportunities for growth.that may include humility, mk?
Being thorough is cool, being communicative about it is better because some slower ones won't know what is happening and where you are coming from and then you just look like an arrogant ass instead of a person deserving accolades.

I know in my case, I have this visitor in my 12th house. I know now, that this is the reason for all my strange dreams and ability to remove myself from reality in a small way and explore inner more tender areas of my psyche.
Somehow, I feel like I can say what I want to say and hone in on a beautiful gift I have, which sorting out ingredients. Just like a cake  recipe, everything has proper steps. Everything has prep work and finish work which is to polish... Life, I mean!
How can you harness Mars in Sagittarius?
Look and feel out where he is visiting in your chart. Overlook and feel all the ins and outs and whathave yous.
You will note certain little flavors.
Like if Mars is in your 2nd house now, you will have more events in your everyday work life which bring more money and energy towards making more.
The 7th, brings certain events which force you to face the law and how you live in your society, with your partner,  how you show your face too.
When you have Mars transiting the 7th, you will have to show your face! If you think happy thoughts, and even if you don't completely mean it at first, you will be prettier! I know this 100%! You will wake up one day and be freeking happy for real..
If you always forgive and have fun, it just works itself out. People love you more when you are genuinely kind..They are drawn to you, they give you money and gifts and you give the same way and ..
la la la
I know I do go on.

Check and see where you have Mars transiting your chart right now and call me in the morning:)

"Thank you for this wonderful day"

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