Sunday, October 21, 2012

"show me who you run with

and I'll show you who you are"
In spanish, it is the same; " Dime con quién andas y te mostrar quién eres"

In Greek,  
Dixe mou me pion trexis kai tha sou dixo pios iese"

Dixe, or to show, to tell, to display

Anyhow I thought I would bring this up because I have teenagers running (estan andando) and I have to repeat this phrase often.
Sometimes they take one or two seeds that I toss at them. 
At least I hope so..

I usually have dreams and hunches where I catch at them at something that they may have thought to sneak over on me! Yea right!
Between my mom and I, we pretty much know what's up.
My mom, she is powerful in so many ways!

I bring this up because last night I met another momma with a teen who hangs (hung) with one of my girls.
stench of ciggs
bloated abdomen from alcohol and pills
talking about counselling
and institutionalizing her daughter because she can't handle her..

I understand, but to send your 14 year old girl to girl prison? 
I asked her how come she was gone all night three Saturdays in a row?
"I work", she said.
I am thinking... doing what?

(they tried having their party here but I made them leave, my home is not a party joint, it is the house of the goddess, me)

After the woman left, I told my girl to be proud of being a dirty drunken whore if that is her choice but to look at where she has been hanging out and the results of how you are colored by your friends and who you hold dear.
That is when I say these phrases. they are in every language because it is true all over earth.

" show me who your friends are and I'll show you who you are"

I feel like everything is fine though. I want my girl to work on her skills not waste time basements!
So it shall be!!
Blessed be!!

** an intimate little story, I know..sometimes, it is ok to share one or two real life stories...

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