Wednesday, October 24, 2012

vitamins and nutrients

that have yet to be discovered?

Yes, as we get to find smaller and smaller particles of matter in space (our space) we also continue to find more and more that there are nutrients yet to be discovered which play a vital part in out bodie's life cycle.
What are they?
Up till now, we know about polysaccharides and we know about phytonutrients and we also know about the importance of essential fatty acids..
essential because they cannot be made in your body, you have to eat them..
Recently we have knowledge about anthocyanans, the tiny materials found in red fruit like raspberries and red grapes..don't even get me started on how good grapes are for you..get organic..
Listen you can take all the little brown or red pills for your health all day but none of them will heal you as fast as a blueberry. Blueberries are like eating a vitamin!

That said, I take supplements. I have since the 1970's!
I take omega 3's,
probiotics and a few mushrooms here and there. Do I do this everyday? No!
Your body needs rest from all that stuff every few days..
Eat right, and your troubles fade away like fog on a sunny ,dewy morning.

Mercury is in a shadow for the retrograde in your last year with honesty and be the woman you are ( or man) and be what you want to be. You'll be fine just pay attention because it'll be necessary.
Be grateful
be kind
forgive and walk away
walk away from a fight (so hard)
try not to justify yourself so much
forgive the past, you were there and did the best you could
I love you

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