Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Dark Moon Spell To Raise The Wind

writing on a cake dates back, way back in time!

This is a good luck spell

make a cake, fine buy one if you want.

get some candles for me I would choose 8

one glass of red wine
8 almonds
one garnet stone or ruby
bloodstone is nice

sit down
dip each almond in the wine and eat it making a wish each time for your life
when you are finished
light a candle
dip the bottom of the candle and put it in the cake
do this starting at east southeast while holding your stone in your left hand throughout the process.
You must encompass all directions and give notice to the forces of nature.

When  you are finished, sit in you sacred little circle you have cast and drink your wine, toasting to the good of the world.
Keep the garnet on you for a month, see what happens..
now I must go review my eight wishes..

lets see now...
a pound of frankincense
a pound of rose otto
new uggs
new bed
1000 cash
new car
5000 cash
a pound of good sandalwood
a good massage by a strong woman  fine a nice man too but I have to see his hands first!

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