Sunday, October 7, 2012


has been impossible. I wake up and toss and turn, my room is too cold, my room is too hot..
Saturn having been visiting my tenth house for the last three years has be a reality but I forgot that it'll be a couple more as I seem to have Venus and Sun in Libra, north node too,all clustered in succession with Jupiter mercury and Neptune in Scorpio..
To say that I have a creative, intuitive astrological spread is an understatement what with Neptune and mercury cuddling together perfectly. Jupiter farther away in Scorpio always magnetically pulling me towards great big magnetism.

I mean, you do attract what you wish for in your mind first.
I think that now is my best time ever. Yes Saturn, you thought I forgot? about letting the most subtle fears rise to the surface for once and you say what is really on your mind? Make sure it is good stuff, is all I am saying.
This means forgiveness. This means forgiving yourself...
om shrim hrim gleem glaum gum ganapataye vara vara da sara vaja nam
mein vashewaye swaha...:)

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