Saturday, October 20, 2012

the idea of shakti and enlightened shreem

and good decisions..

enlightened shreem

I have been working on a soap as a gift offering to Inanna  since Sumner. I would wake up and think violets and roses and mossy mosses. Chanting, "isis astarte, demiter, hecate, inanna, inanna, inanna inanna..."

And then I realized what I had been conjuring chanting her name..
Inanna is a goddess of fertility, sex and war..

What is happening in my life right now?
What am I channeling with my creative abilities or shakti?

All I can say is that this soap I just made is to offer a gift to the powers that be..(yea that is the god within me)
which will cool and soothe
and open veils of mysteries

my mind is willing to accept these ideas and through my words and my hands will flow all the enlightened  shreem patterns of good intentions:)

Enlightened Patterns Soap

I used a nice dense blend of organic virgin coconut oil and fruity extra virgin olive oil.

I added some oakmoss and violet leaf absolute
labdanum came next as well as a drop or two lavender
and one or two drops ( yes drops only) patchouli
leaves of roses in an absolute
and a dollop of  China rose streamed in my Inanna brew too

It smells so green and so velvety comfy
you are like, "what is this, some enchanted forest?'

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