Monday, July 1, 2013


For years I have tried to understand the goddess know her, she is the bitch, and doesn't fuck around.
The snake thing always makes me oozy and I say to myself that during my Lilith experiences, I don't have to abide by the snake rules. I am not a snake person. they make me very scared.
Then again, most don't fuck with me goddesses are kind of scary..look at Kali, Hecate and even Isis has wings..and they can all destroy anything they wish.
Why was she created, who thought of a woman in such a way as to present it in words?

Lililth is the darker things in us that we wish to be closer to. She is our darker mistress, our addictions our needs...she the mother the mistress and the daughter in us.

 Lilith In Me
if I were able to see her will in me
a woman
learning to control all forces
softly speaking to my mind's eye
willing  goodness which has now wound itself around me like a  commitment
understanding the undercurrents and communications in all realms

Lilith is the Moon and to me, she taps into Plutonian vibe. She knows her femininity, being magnetically attractive and alluring

 overflow and greed, addiction and fear need not appear

There will be soap and I will add ground lotus root and ylang ylang and then I will add frankincense and vanilla and then I will pour in some bergamot.

I have made some perfumed bath oil with Lilith in mind..
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eleneetha aromatics

lilith by, kenyon cox, 1891

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