Friday, February 14, 2014

balms are good happy full moon

Everything else is a step down from a good balm and a spritz if hydrosol..I love rose should always have some!
This isn't me being staunch or arrogant, these are the facts mommas!
Beeswax balm is protective, allows your skin to breathe and is absorbent enough to grasp other fatty acids from olive or avocado or finer ingredients like baobab or rose hip seed oils  (stinkin rosehip!))..ok, ok, I like skin loves it so I use it when I want to:)

Try these techniques of mine and see how your skin has a nice warm glow.
I am not saying go makeup free, but I am saying that the reds,( rose hips, red berries and red water plants) the fragrant gifts  of nature are the first step towards good skin care.
You can buy all the glycolic cleanser you want and they can never do what a perfectly ground scrub can do..a spritz of rose hydrosol over an waxy is perfect..

follow up with your face prep for the day
at work, I like to look polished..even if I feel like I ate too much ramen the night before..I am obsess with making the perfect ramen have to start with kombu and clean water..after you simmer the kombu you pull it out and start on your broth..

I put the drained kombu in the vita mix with avocado oil and made it all smooth..i wonder if i can make some skin care with that for remains frozen for the moment:)

Remember the gnarly bitch balm?
Patchouli cacao in a rich beeswax balm?
It started with my love of rose and patchouli at the time..
I am making it her today..she starts with local soft beeswax, avocado oil, organic olive oil, cacao absolute, rare old patchouli..I want to make her sweet with amazing chocolate coming from the center of this blend, then the gorgeous patchouli and then oh, what the fuck, something else, a wonderful musky finish later in the you glimpses of vanilla mixed with youness..
she is a gnarly bitch sometimes!

Happy Full Moon In Leo, Kitties..
Snuggle up and be loved is the best way but if you don't have that, then you had better just love yourself then..
make sure you look nice today and not over done..people are looking..
I love you!

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