Monday, February 24, 2014

any one can get a dishwasher job, I promise you

So, if you know someone who is complaining about their work, run away from them..
Even if you are washing dishes, you had better consider singing a dilly about it rather than bitching about this that..
Wash the best dishes you could ever wash!
 I am washing dishes right, in a minute..always with the dishes. It is like a morning after a party!
Tea cups coming out of corners and such and that is just my family!

So here we are, on a Monday, having some tea and chatting about work and life and our awareness of ourselves during everyday events.
How we see our "fit" in this whole picture and once again, watching our words or lack of them.
Saying the truth should be easy, but it isn't and if you have any sort of angst, it is all on you..I mean who else, right? Just remember that whatever happened in the last month is a culmination of the last six months! Bills have gone unpaid perhaps or you may have been neglectiong some very important details with your job..maybe both for some..
Look, take each day and be open to change and do not allow the mood vampires to drain your soul..if they had no one to complain to, they would forgive themselves and be quiet. Sometimes, it is better to be quiet and smile..the ones who have a board with the list of the things they hate, run away from! Go now! Go read a good book, (Hero, by rhonda byrne)
The more self aware we are, the more we understand some basic survival methods..
setting up an area of disappointment makes more complaining, negative soul suckers and violent thoughts all around, drug addiction, alcohol, pain, whiny pain!

Setting up a positive calm room takes more as well, yet the results are powerful!

attracts love

I have tried it..during a very intense time with two of my teen is like scream zilla meets darth vader with those two!
I almost got in a panic one day and brought in the whole family as an intervention..that is what Greeks do:) We share with our lovely highly intelligent friends and momma!
Why? Because everyone is afraid of yia yia..they all love her so much!
I am a Libran with Mercury in Scorpio..a true genius really, :):)
I am just now realizing my mother's witchery and she really observes my thoughts and listens to my ideas on God..we went shopping yesterday, yes, I went to the mall! Changing, I am! Last year, I would have fallen apart at the prospect of going in a big place like that..Mercury in Scorpio types like to keep it simple and close to the cave..that is why I love living here in Livonia..My Italian market is nearby, Cosco, Zerbos, Wholefoods, all within ten miles of me!

People ask  all the time if I miss Costa Rica? I say, "No, not at all." I really love it here. I love everyone I work with and I love my job and I love soap making and my awesome warm bed with the sweet smelling sheets and I love good food, good bread, good  cheese..
I have plenty of money, to meet my needs..
I have you..
I find that sharing my ideas is most rewarding! I hope to take my time and get better at writing..
Soapmaking is getting a little boost as well.
I am working on a new perfume oil inspired by a gorgeous creature from the North..

Narcotic Prayer Oil

neroli~narcissus anointing oil
rose otto, og white rose
china tea rose
ylang ylang
clove one drop in the whole blend
Doesn't that just get your juices flowing?

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