Tuesday, February 18, 2014

hello mercy jerk

Mercury retrograde has sure gotten some feathers ruffled..
how many times have I been saying, do not burn your bridges and you are like, " no, that is fucking it!!
every time..that is how many..
sure, things get heated the faking truth hurts!
Are you going to carry this burden  on your back and become more bowlegged as time goes by, or are you going to forget others and do good in "your" life?
that means helping others who care about you..when they need you, not when you want them to..the ultimate sacrifice you can make it your time, so precious and so easy to forget...
If there were a better time to be thankful, it is now..
think about the Serians, all homeless or that Pakistani couple that got stoned to death the other day  for adultery..can you imagine a place where they still do that?
Or that jesus' name can be taken in vain..that there is stupid, when every war does so and we pray for winning..

When we calm down about our things we can see the world we live in a whole different way..
everyone needs some love today..they may be hurt
or sick
or tired
been cryin
been grievin
but some of us..we've
been restin our mind from daily squables to viewing something grand
to using our hands
resting our mind and reading a story
about brand new ways to know "matter"
our minds like sponges sending waves of energy through our thoughts and yet we still do not understand how far they go..maybe until they too collapse unto themselves..
my aim this day is to pile on the best ones along the way, yo:)

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