Saturday, February 15, 2014

the year of the horse colors and ideas

sandalwood and lime color my mind
yellow and gold are gleaming there too
jasmine and lemon,
patchouli with rose like wine from the best vineyards
and a resinous goo that calls me with ideas ranging in the blue violet templin fir juice and
red green cedars and birch
a beautiful burnt orange in cinnamon clove
 sweet caramel
mixed with vetiver
with vanilla at the back of your neck
waiting until the last moment to show herself and sweet she is

vanilla with lemon
lime or sweet orange
or a soapy  nugget drenched in bergamot and black smoke from tea
lemony lemon with lemon grass...wouldn't that be refreshing?

Refresh yourself  by the water at least once a time to drink is in the afternoon..make it a drink break.

you are pretty
condition your hair
get a hair cut
clean up your mane
make it glisten
make sure you are eating good fats form cold pressed oils
eat more unrefined organic coconut oil, for shiny works!

I like one half teaspoon with sesame seeds and one chocolate chip..simple and rather tasty..and it isn't such a big bite that all you get is oil..the oil mixes  with the melty chocolate chip and you are done for the day. It is like taking a vitamin.
supplies you'll need for daily intake:
1 jar organic gomasio sesame salt with seaweed
1 jar organic extra virgin coconut oil
1 package organic chocolate chips
1 small spoon
take 1/2 teaspoon daily


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