Wednesday, February 26, 2014

sunshine and snow

the polar vortex
it sounds like some 70's sci fi movie..

It is cold, yes and now everyone is saying how this winter has been awful. It really has, cold cold cold and very cold..floods when there is a little melt down and then ice over that. If it gets any colder, we'll build tunnels in the sky, just so we can get to work safely..
In a thousand years, they will have more completely covered living and commuting areas..due to the pollution and radiation from a red star, our sun..
It may be ten thousand years, a million, but red giant, it will become..
But, what is to become of us?
"ashes to ashes, dust to dust"
Star dust that is!!

ok ok, space is not all I think about..I think about practical things too.
I think about my boy and I think about you
I love the way you look
My eyes reflecting liquid crystals like The Doctor's Sapphire waterfall..
My heart open to the best things for you and  me right now, today.
My "brain" like a sponge absorbing easily what needs noted and my "mind" knowing what needs shed..

wearing jasmine and frankincense.
it is nice

I hope you have a wonderful day and, as Mars the ruler of Aries goes retrograde..keep you main plans a secret and plan plan Mercury goes direct, next month will be interesting. The thing is passive aggressive behavior, will be hard to hide..that is what I think.
Also, nobody needs to know what you are doing. be creative, be serene and be quiet and really does make a difference on how people respond to you.
You know, I work retail and sometimes I get an old lady bitching at me about prices.
I have no tolerance for this as I am  completely powerless to adjust pricing of toothpaste.
I will be honest always but sometimes I get scolded..I say I am sorry and try to let it go..ok I forgive her. It is hard. Old folks are cheap no matter how much money they have.
My ba ba used to hide her money and as she got older she would forget where she put it and she would accuse everyone of stealing it. She was a Gemini and lived to 96 years old..she would wander the neighborhood and visit a widow down the street who supplied her with funny! My mom  thought ba ba had Alzheimer's and it was really just consumption of  cheap whiskey!


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