Saturday, February 1, 2014

I should just stop texting

I told the girl to leave..she just has a away of always being there..
I wake up, she is on the couch tapping her foot against the edge really fast because she takes aderol for her "condition"..and so, I said, "no more" The horse has reared! I want people to make more space not take it..
"oh, her mom can't have internet because of her boyfriends legal issues?" (before, me, "awe")
Today, me, "take off babe, it is too much of a strain to have you here"
I am such a stubborn ass Libra sometimes! I mean I feel like I cheated what my heart's disire and I've waited  six months now, to say, what I want, exactly! The Libra way,  "well, didn't want to hurt her or my  boy and she got to live here and carry on.."
Libra is a procrastinator so thank goodness that my Capricorn Moon took me right down to the facts, eventually, ha ha ha!

“The time for pondering and planning was 2013 Snake year. Horse year is time to act fast, buy that home, launch that business, travel the world, make a big purchase, get a promotion at work, have a breakthrough – take a leap and fly.

It is the year of the wood horse just having completed the year of the water snake..
Some of us haven't enjoyed too much of this watery snake at a times but "know" ourselves we did. The water snake makes people really fearful and having to deal with emotional attachments. Having now come out of the slimy part of the water, ok, I'll  say, where there was algea, you have once again  experienced some sort of fearful yet necessary growth.It makes your head hurt, all this trying hard business!

The wood horse
wood is an interesting part of our is the giving ~ the  material. The warm bed, the family contentment and money.
this is, right now, the best time to be grateful. The wood horse Carries you though. You may get burned badly if you let the wrong people roam with you. it is time for dicipline and if ever there was a time when you would be judged on who you run with, it is now..
don't think about what hasn't come yet. Think about how lucky and warm you are and how you have enough food and bread and a fire to heat everything up and abilities of energy and intent coming very easily now!

maybe someone carries you maybe you are carrying someone
wood is duty
and spotted cuteness here and there

the tree,
 somehow grows near us,
giving us fire
the ashes giving us soap:)
giving us food and medicine

The year of the wood horse makes me think about all those things and helps us settle our affairs..there is always enough..
but you must let go of your fears and perhaps run with more purpose and reality of who you are and what you want. Be as detached as you can be. and as loyal and worthy as you can. Be honest..and I mean honest.

My abilities will astound me this year. I know that yours will too!
I feel like that.
At work, I have reached a point, where, my memory is right on and as soon as I get good at something, I get thrown in to the next thing..It is awesome!
I love it so much and I shouldn't say that because they'll push me further..hahahaaa
The horse jumps fences and walls so let go! :)


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