Saturday, February 15, 2014

talking with the coconut oil guy at columbus foods

He  was appalled by how much I super fat my recipe and that I am crazy to use organic cold pressed coconut oil for soap!
He told me I could use organic refined..
"How is it refined?"
He is said, "it's organic so nothing in a bad way, they simply use citric acid to refine the oil."
"where do they get the citric acid?"
"i don't know, but listen, it evaporates in the steam process, you are only getting very small amounts of citric acid particles"
he started to do the math 
I changed the subject..

It is expensive to use cold pressed coconut oil but, I do not think I should change to refined organic..
what do you think?
Would you like to have more foamy lather in your soap? Do you care  which coconut oil I use? Am I just being stubborn?
I do not mind that my soap is a little too oily..and I certainly could care less on how long it does what it does..
I have used lighter olive oils and yes, they saponafy, but look,  the whole unfiltered oil renders a more complete product in the end..somehow more dense and more deep in its colors..the fat speaks for itself!

tell me..
refined organic lower price?
extra virgin organic?


  1. Definitely stick with the virgin organic. Your soaps are the best - no need to change or risk lowering quality!

  2. Great Post Thanks for sharing

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