Sunday, February 2, 2014

right here right now

Mercury is about to go retrograde so get ready, as if you already haven't been jumbled by Mercury:())
Here in Michigan,  the snow on top of warm slush and then snow and then more is such a big big winter..of course six more weeks, if not eight!
Then again, there could be more flares from the Sun which would melt this all up in no time..the mountains of snow will take a longer time. I wouldn't be surprized if we had them through May 2014!

I feel good:)
The energy  is too much some times and with Mars in Libra heating up my creative juices to a perfect pitch and array of color, I am energized..maybe too much?
 I will take this time to tidy up my life in more ways that one which is the Libra way..

If you are Scorpio, look for 12th house issue to crop up and make you see things that were buried, impacted,  too deeply for you to is the time to be easily brave and to  be free from worry. You are loved and respected because you are always deeply right, Scorpio Moonies too..
If you are waiting for an opportunity to present itself, it'll be in helping people in need..and skillfully organizing their needs. You are an, just do anything until you will do want...
get it?

Cancer, thank you for being a listener and friend.
It is about time you thought of your needs now instead of waiting and waiting around someone sucking you down..fak that! You will gracefully say the truth where some of us blurt it out with anger or too much passion.
Get it done, son!:)

Gemini, honey, cup cake, sexy beast! Now, lets get some work done..not everything is that one detail you keep being distracted a sneaky good one!

Pisces, yes you are right..but maybe put away the razor sharp teeth after the resolutions. It is over when it is over but you'll beat it a little more..Aries too..if you dwell on something long enough, it becomes real in your mind..the same nervous chemicals get released..
No body is perfect and people take advantage..they just do..we all have..humans instinctively make choices to better their survival..
no different from cave men we are!
I mean what is a million years within billions?

Leo, I've picked on you enough.

have a wonderful day, I am making brioche and it is time to bake:)

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